Where Is The Low Pressure Cycling Switch Located

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These are the most common causes of a unit cycling or tripping on the high pressure switch. Now, lets look at the low pressure switch and what causes that to trip. When a unit cycles or locks out on the low pressure switch, what should you look for? the most common cause is low air flow across the evaporator.

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The pressure cycling switch controls the refrigeration cycle by sensing low-side pressure as an indicator of evaporator temperature. The pressure cycling switch is the freeze-protection device in the system. The switch is mounted on a Schrader valve on the accumulator. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.

When it is detected that the pressure has dropped below a certain threshold, the switch will activate allowing pressure from the high pressure side of the AC system to enter the low side and equalize the pressure. When the pressure returns to normal, the cycling switch will close.

Switch on Accumulator: A/C compressor cycling switch Switch on the high side line: A/C High pressure cutout switch Switch on the compressor: A/C Low pressure cutout switch Sorry I wasn’t really online much yesterday. I’d go by the wiring colors, not where the diagrams state they should be.

Nonetheless back again with another video showing you how to replace a very common AC pressure switch found on any 2000-2006 Chevy full size truck and SUV and the same year range foe all Full size.

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