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5 Tips For Your First Solo Backpacking Trip. April 6, 2015Ali Gates + Save to a List. A night alone in the backcountry can change your life. Last year I ventured on my first solo backpacking trip, much to the concern of my friends and family. The last time I had been backpacking was on an ill.

It’s hard to beat the allure of backpacking trips: just strap on a bag and go. Backpacking is often seen as a style of travel that is very cheap, very hard, and most often practiced by the young.

We recommend you get some wool socks and solid hiking shoes that fit your feet (they will thank you), and some high performance underwear like these (his and hers). Otherwise, be sure to pack layers and a raincoat if there is even the slightest chance of rain (check out Carhartt for some light and durable rain gear).

41 backpacking food ideas from the Appalachian Trail. – 41 Backpacking Food Ideas from the Appalachian Trail. After one epic adventure of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for 5 months and cycle-touring New Zealand for 3 months, I’ve eaten A LOT of trail food. Here is a list of the best backpacking food ideas organized by suggested meal and a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Below, I've listed 25 backpacking items – some essentials and some extras – that you can consider bringing on your next trip! I threw in some.

For a 3-day trip, 1 230-gram fuel canister should be enough if you are using your stove for coffee, oatmeal, and dinner. Water Bottles: Platypus Soft Bottles. I prefer these lightweight Platypus Soft Bottles that can be rolled up when they are empty. Depending on water availability, I will bring up to these of these on my backpacking trips.

How to go backpacking camping Hiking gear for beginners Best first backpacking trip The 6 best spots for a first-time backpacking trip within 2.5. – You've hiked at Crowders Mountain more times than you can count, made the drive to the blue ridge parkway and back in a day, and explored.HIKING 101: 5 STEPS TO PLAN OUT YOUR ADVENTURE. 1) Decide how long you have to hike. This is a beginner’s guide to hiking, we’re not looking to hike the Appalachian Trail. Instead, we want to start with trails that can be done in less than a day, that won’t require you to pack a tent, or bring extra change of clothes.How to prepare for a backpacking trip Make sure you have breakfast for each morning and dinner for each night. Bring a lunch for each day that’s easy to eat, and protein rich. Then add a snack or two for each day.

However, there are some things you need to know before your first backpacking trip. Knowing these things not only will help you to make most of your trip but what might be even more important in some cases, it will reassure you, that it really is something worth going for! Let this mini-guide be your checklist and reminder that backpacking is cool!

First backpacking trip tips 8 Things You Should Know Before Your First Backpacking Trip. – Here are 8 things you should know before your first backpacking trip.. On my first backpacking trip in Desolation Wilderness, Angel had planned about 7 miles of hiking for the first. Some great tips here that are very useful.

8 Things You Should Know Before Your First Backpacking Trip Anywhere at Home. I was not sure what to expect the first time I went backpacking. I’ve been imagining it for years, but always been just a day-hiker. It’s not a good thing to admit, but without Angel, I am not entirely sure when I would have finally strapped my backpack on for a.