How To Buy Plane Ticket For Unaccompanied Minor

WeFlyKids – I have been looking for the last month for tickets and with them being under 15, the unaccompanied minors fees were outrageous, not to mention they can only be booked on certain flights. I have never had to purchase plane tickets before and so I was looking at some of the highest rates out there.

Why can’t I buy a plane ticket for an unaccompanied minor online? On and, when I try to look up flights for an unaccompanied 17-year-old, it says that minors cannot travel alone.

How To Book Flight Tickets Online Airasia step #5: familiarize yourself with AirAsia’s Booking System. You should practise booking a few AirAsia flight tickets before the sale day. Make sure you are familiar with the online booking system (where and how to select) all the way until you reach the payment page. You should also pay attention to those extra charges that are laid out.

Check-in & required documents. You’ll need to fill out the unaccompanied minor form and any necessary Customs and Immigration documents at the airport ticket counter on the day of departure. The form must remain with the child during the flight. Also: Bring proof of age for the child traveling alone (birth certificate, passport,

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How can I make an unaccompanied minor booking? Call at 1-888-437-4930 to speak with our customer service representative and make an unaccompanied minor booking. Things to Keep in Mind When Booking for Unaccompanied Minors . Select a flight early in the day. Choose a direct flight. Review information on ticket to ensure your child’s details are correct.

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Review an airline’s unaccompanied minors policy before making arrangements. This article provides a general overview of how airlines accommodate unaccompanied minors. Ticketing, Fees, and Pricing. We’ll start with buying plane tickets. All airlines have minimum age requirements for children flying alone.

Airline Policies for Unaccompanied Minors. Air Canada. Age: 8 to 11 years old – must purchase unaccompanied minors (um) service; 12 to 17 years old – UM service optional; Children under 8 cannot travel alone. Cost: $100 per child each way. Flight restrictions: Available on non-stop flights only. How to book: Contact Air Canada reservations.

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